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Moving Tips & More ... Buyers & Sellers                                  
First Step ~ Location, location, location...consider where you need to be.
     * Do you want to be in the city, surrounding suburbs, an outlying town, or even more rural?
    * Do you need to be close to work or are you willing to commute?  What is the commute?
    * Where are the schools and will your children walk, take the bus or need you to drop them?
    * Where are the parks, services and/or conveniences located?
     Email me today and I can help you with the research in areas, schools and more!
 Second Step ~ This, that and the other...consider what you need in your home.
     * Do you want a one story or two story?  
     * How many bedrooms and so many more consider.
     See Dream Home Sheet to explore this further and help you determine just what you want!
Third Step ~ Make and model...consider what you want to put into a home.
       * Do you want brand new construction?  Be represented, and know your options.
     * Do you want a previously owned home?  Often referred to as a re-sale.  
     * Brand new home construction or previously owned both offer levels of:
               > Turn Key?  Do you prefer to walk in and have everything just how you want it?  
               > Project House?  Do you want to put your own touches on the home?
               > Renovation?  Do you want to reap the sweat equity rewards?
     See the Pre-Qualifying Form to see learn just what your financial options are!

First Step ~ Be realistic...
      * Moving is stressful no matter how much you prepare or plan.  
          Email me today and let's take part of that stress off your plate!
 Second Step ~ Start making lists...
       * There is no way to remember everything involved in a move.  Make a list so your mind does
         not have to be burdened by remembering it all.  
      * Seek out help from businesses and professionals.  
        See Helpful Links to find proven and trusted professionals.
Third Step ~ Start cleaning house...
     * Now is the time to sort, sell and donate items so you are only moving the items you   
        truly wish to keep.  
     *  Curb appeal and staging are essential.  Remove clutter to present your home in the  
        best light possible to reap the greatest financial rewards possible!

Let me help find or sell your home!
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