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Buyer Tips & More                                             Start Now! See Pre-Qualifying Form below...
First Step ~ Get the right representation from the start!
The information and recommendations a good Realtor tasked with protecting your interests has to offer in saving time, mistakes, costs, peace of mind and more, is invaluable.  
The process of buying a home has more aspects to it than most people realize.  
Find a Realtor who:
     *Will protect your interests. 
     You have the right to representation. It’s smart. Negotiation on your behalf protects 
     the biggest financial investment most people will ever make.  
​     *Has true and tested resources. 
     Information is power. Realtors have access to the only true and current market value,
     through the Multiple Listing Service.  Consumer websites are not accurate.     
     Additionally, trusted and reputable resources in lenders, inspectors, contractors and   
     other professionals secure and speed the process.  

Second Step ~ Be Pre-approved!
Equally important to finding the right Realtor, is finding a reputable Lender - with a history of providing a smooth experience through the loan process. Not all do for reasons I will be happy to share with you so you can research your options.  
     *If you have a trusted Lender please use them. 
     *A Pre-qualifying Form is provided below to put you in touch with trusted partners    
      with proven records as mortgage brokers and mortgage bankers for your convenience.  

Third Step ~ Consider the Area(s), Wants & Needs
Austin and the surrounding areas provide overwhelming possibilities in lifestyle and more. See Moving Tips & More for Austin area maps and the Dream Sheet to help you in your research and focus on exactly what you want and need.  

Fourth Step ~ The Search Begins!
This is the exciting part, for awhile. A Realtor will save time by providing you with ALL the information available for your search and decision.  Email me today and we’ll set up your own MLS search!  

Step Five ~ Purchasing your Home!
This is where you learn the real importance of having chosen the right Realtor and Lender.  

Let me help find or sell your home!
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Pre-Qualification At Your Fingertips

~ Free with No Obligation Service ~

Prequalifing is essential to know exactly what you will be able to afford, types of loans and interest rates available to you. Information is kept strictly confidential and will only be provided to the three resources listed at the bottom of this page.  Please provide as much information as possible to get the most accurate estimate:

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Your total liquid assets:                                   $
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Kristin Miner, BROKER-Associate
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You will receive an email 
from me confirming your information was received, 
plus a list of the 

Trusted & Proven 
Lender Referrals 

from whom you will receive a response from shortly
regarding your

This is a free
no obligation service, 
whether I represnt your 
current real estate interests or not.  

The only benefit I receive 
from these referrals is 

Peace of Mind 

in knowing you will be 
in good financial hands 
throughout the process of purchasing a home.  

Thank you 
for your time 
and confidence.


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